Wouldn't we all like to get to know ourselves perfectly? I spend to much time day dreaming and trying to chase my dreams. I expect way to much of myself. I stress. I over analyze to myself. Yes I'm a quite soul. Tend to keep to myself unless spoken to. I have my flaws, I have weakness, I am human. Hailing from a small town in the country side of Pennsylvania. A tired boy who is 23 years old finding my way in this huge world. Something a friend let me in on.. Do not live a life of negativity. Don't let what others think of you bring you down. Make your own choices and go with them. If they are wrong they are wrong. Thing will always come around for the better weather you believe that or not. Something better will always come back into your life. Sometimes its making those hard decision to move forward with what you want in life. Always dream big and find what you love. Let what you love consume you until you have nothing left.

If you're following my blog or even reading this I post all types of cars, art, porn, GIF, food, nature, culture, My own photography, hardcore music, bud and pure awesome-ness. You'll see it all.